About Tonton Pierrot

ateliers presentation.jpgWe are a French confectionery that makes handmade sweets, working with high quality
products and using exclusively natural colors. We never used azoic colors. We guarantee
to all our clients : security, flavor, love value. We are not joking when we are speaking
about candy :)

We have our own craft workshops which give us the opportunity to offer a large variety
of handmade products with competitive prices and remain flexible. There are 20 years
ago in the past, it was our boss : Pierre-alain Groussard who was taking pleasure to make
himself his products (at the right side).

presentation origine graissessac.jpgThis is why we count more than 100 articles in our catalogues for all kinds of events
year-round: Spring, Summer, Halloween, Saint Nicholas’ Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day,
Mother’s Day, Easter… Today we are creating from our mother house : Bonbec show in
a beautiful charming small town in france (Graissessac).