Any delivery of an order implies that the buyer accepts, without reserves, these terms and conditions of sale.

None of the clauses on purchase orders or correspondence that we receive from our buyers can, therefore, derogate from them unless otherwise stipulated in express and precise terms in our offers or our acceptances.


The prices of the goods are fixed by the tariff in force on the day of the order.


All deliveries are subject to the express acceptance of these conditions of sale and to a written confirmation of the order. Our goods, even agreed free of charge, travel at the risk of the recipient, to whom it belongs, in case of damage or loss, to make any reclamations, and to exercise any recourse with the carriers who carry the responsibility..


Our company is released from the obligation to deliver by if there are circumstances outside of our control, such as strikes, demonstrations, fires ....


Upon arrival, it is the customer's responsibility to acknowledge the condition of the goods before unloading. He is the only one qualified to make reservations with the carrier.

Unless otherwise agreed, goods supplied and accepted are not returned.

In case of non-compliant or disputed delivery, any complaint must be sent to us in writing within eight days of receipt of the goods.


The refusal of acceptance of our bills of exchange or the non-payment of an instrument upon its due date or a check on its collection makes the totality of our claim payable without prior notice. Failure by the defaulting debtor to pay the sums due immediately, all sales that we have concluded with him and which have not yet been paid, will be resolved by right 24 hours after a formal notice by simple letter informing our intention to avail ourselves of this clause, and remained without effect. The resolution will be implemented at the end of the term. By express agreement, we will be entitled to proceed to the immediate resumption of the goods object of the sale (s) by a simple order of the President of the court of the place of the registered office, or at the will of the seller, the president of the court of situation of the goods in question. In addition, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel contracts and orders in progress and to ask for damages.


Our invoices are payable to Charmy Ltd.

Our payment terms are:

Check along with the order: shipping of the goods aftercashing of the check.

Bank card on our secure payment website.

In the event of late payment, interest on late payment of one and a half times the legal interest plus two points shall automatically accrue from the settlement date indicated on the invoice or the due date. an unpaid effect, even in the absence of protests. Their payment is subject to the prior sending of a formal notice.

In the event of late payment, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel pending orders without prejudice to any other remedy and to demand the payment of all our due receivables or to fall due, by right and without implementation. remains prior.


By express agreement, unless deferred by us, the failure to pay at due date will result, regardless of the method of settlement provided, a contentious intervention and the application as damages equal to 15 % of the unpaid sum, plus court costs and legal interest.


Any dispute concerning invoicing must be made in writing within fifteen days of receipt of the invoice by the customer, under penalty of inadmissibility.

In case of dispute, the courts of the place of our registered office will be competent.